Adult cake smash photoshoot.

Honestly I know what are you all thinking .. I have heard it all.. from the '"What?" and "huh?" to the big naughty - that I am not going to repeat... Yes I had a cake smash shoot and it was basically what it says on a tin... A cake smash photoshoot.. but ..let me start from the beginning. 

Just little over a year ago I have booked my first wedding for 2018 and as it happened it was meant to be on 27th January, which also happens to be my birthday. The bride was super sweet and mentioned birthday cake, so I didn't even care about working on my birthday.. and why would I? I love my job after all. I obviously told all my friends that there will be no birthday party as I will be out and about shooting a wedding, so naturally.. they all made plans. 
Fast forward to last Tuesday when the bride messaged me that the wedding is no longer taking place... all my friends are busy and I am sitting at home imagining how I celebrate the start of the last year of my twenties home alone with my dog...
and then ... crazy idea and two amazing friends who happened to be not that busy after all, to the rescue:) 

I have done a few cake smash shoots with kids and they're always a lot of fun ( except the tantrums that happen because you've been telling your kid their whole life not to get dirty and then when they finally get it you tell them to smash their face in a cake.. confusing much?)  
and I always thought how much fun would it be with a grown up ( sort of ) person. 
So as I found myself in a position of feeling pretty sorry for myself I thought what better time than now to do this. I'll get to spend some time with my friends, I can put a tutu on, I will get to wear a nice makeup and eat an amazing vegan cake. 

So off I went, bought myself some balloons, tiaras, party hats and bows, Sarah from Tiny Sarah's cakes made me an amazing cake and Toni Searle packed her suitcase big and heavy, so she could make me look super beautiful and camera ready. 
We ate some food, we laughed about silly things, I set it all up and gave the camera reins to the poor Sarah, who really didn't want to take any photos ( about as much as I didn't actually want to be in front of the camera ) but I think we all can agree she has done an amazing job. 
Also I am pretty aware of the fact that Oswald stole the spotlight, but I am pretty cool with that, because, well he is amazing. 

I honestly had so much fun doing this shoot and I am so grateful that the guys came to the rescue at last minute notice. I feel like this is a project that shouldn't die with just one photoshoot ( especially as it's just me), so if any of you amazing ladies and gents wanted your own adult cake smash - let us know, we can't wait to work together again! 

Ps if you want to check out the ladies, please have a look at: 



As always please let me know your thoughts guys!:) xoxo

Live photos, still videos, cinemagraphs.. WHAT?!

Hi all you beautiful people! 

I am SOOOOO EXCITED to share this with you. 

If you have met me, you probably know I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. Especially quidditch, butterbear and the moving photos. Yes, I am bit of a geek and since I was a little kid the idea of people just popping in and out of their photos simply amazed me. 
So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across cinemagraphs. 
They're basically magic, they're moving photos, still videos, actual witchcraft! 
I have spent last couple days learning as much as I can with the help of my model Jim and I can't wait to take the new skill to the battlefield, also known as wedding!:) t - 13 days! 
I will now offer this as part of every one of my wedding packages! 

There is still just a handful of us UK wedding photographers who offer this, so if you, just like me, love little bit of magic, get in touch now! 

and here just for you, my baba Jim! :) 

Wedding themes and venues wish list

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with friends and family, laughter and love. 

Today I'm not coming with a wedding gallery or advice about what to look for in your photographer, I am coming with my dream. 

Every photographer ( well at least I think that every photographer does ) have a wish list of weddings and wedding venues they really want to shoot. Mine is very extensive, so it took me quite a while to put it all in words, but finally I have made my list. 
On the left side you will see wedding themes and ideas I would love to shoot and on the right side is list of all the amazing venues I REALLY want to shoot at. 

So please if your wedding falls in any of these categories, get in touch now and let's talk about your date. You never know you might even get some little discount out of me and also help a girl live her dream - you'll bag yourself an excellent photographer, you will also do your one good deed a day. 

Have an amazing end to the weekend and even better start to the week! 
Nat xox

Jordan and Alex's wedding. Am i seeing planes in those photos?

Hi everyone! 
So last weekend been but crazy, on saturday I was off to Brighton for the wedding of the beautiful Jordan and Alex and on Sunday I was off to Exeter to celebrate with Jo and Marcus and cold from hell ( more about that next time tho ) 

I was so excited about Jordan's wedding when she told me that the reception is at an airport? Seriously, how cool is that? 
First thing I noticed when I arrived was how bloody calm she was! I think she was definitely in my top 2 of most calm brides I've ever seen! She had a lovely set up of getting ready with her bridesmaid, maid of honour, dad, his partner and her siblings.. and everyone was just really chilled, no nerves, just smiles. 
On the other hand, Alex was showing some signs of nerves ( not too bad tho ) 
The wedding ceremony was in the absolutely stunning St Mary de Haura church in Shoreham by sea. After the ceremony and a lot of failed attempts at the confetti shot we were off to the airport. Seriously you guys can't imagine how cool shooting a wedding at venue like this, is for a photographer. I was like a Charlie in chocolate factory. 
I also think I won the award for most annoying photographer ever, because I didn't do just 1 portrait shoot through the day, not even 2 ... but actually 3!:D But sorry I couldn't help myself with that light! 
I have to say everyone was so lovely on the day and I had so much fun, hope you guys like the photos and as always any feedback welcome :) 

Lee and Shan

Hi all you beautiful people  

Today I want to share with you the amazing wedding of Lee and Shan. It happened only couple days ago in Greenwich in Trafalgar Tavern, which from outside looks like a normal lovely pub, but actually the upstairs looks like one of the prettiest wedding venues I have ever seen!:) 
Other than the venue I was also slightly in love with the cake topper that involved the lovely couple's dog Archie .. can you guess the breed?;) 

I think that most of you are aware that the core of my work are the stunning, magical portraits, but I keep telling you all .. I LOVE THE NATURAL PHOTOS JUST AS MUCH:) 
We had only 2 and half minutes for our portrait session, because someone was late ( hint - it wasn't me;)) so literally about 97% of those photos are pure reportage, no posing, no telling people what to do, just catching the real moments!:) 
As always I would absolutely your feedback!:) 

Hope ya all have an amazing day, 
Nat xox

Lu and Samuel's wedding

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend the day with this amazing couple. As if there weren't one of the loveliest couples ever, they also come with the two SUPER CUTE kids! We are talking - I have never seen so many facial expressions in my whole life cute kids! :) 

Their wedding is a prime example of how well half a day packages can work if you don't necessarily have the budget to afford a pro photographer for full day, but you choose quality over quantity. 

I would absolutely love to hear any feedback you might have as well!:)