Live photos, still videos, cinemagraphs.. WHAT?!

Hi all you beautiful people! 

I am SOOOOO EXCITED to share this with you. 

If you have met me, you probably know I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. Especially quidditch, butterbear and the moving photos. Yes, I am bit of a geek and since I was a little kid the idea of people just popping in and out of their photos simply amazed me. 
So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across cinemagraphs. 
They're basically magic, they're moving photos, still videos, actual witchcraft! 
I have spent last couple days learning as much as I can with the help of my model Jim and I can't wait to take the new skill to the battlefield, also known as wedding!:) t - 13 days! 
I will now offer this as part of every one of my wedding packages! 

There is still just a handful of us UK wedding photographers who offer this, so if you, just like me, love little bit of magic, get in touch now! 

and here just for you, my baba Jim! :)