I need your help guys ..

Hello you beautiful people, I hope you all are amazingly well!

I will have bit different blog post for you today… For those of you who know me, know that I I hate asking for favours. But here I am.
As most of you know I had bit of a shocker last year, from broken computer for first 6 weeks of the wedding season, to my Ozzie’s battle with brain cancer and up to my boyfriend breaking up with me on the day of us moving together which left me essentially homeless and crushing at my friend’s sofas.

Due to all of this, I was behind on editing and didn’t feel comfortable doing any kind of marketing and this is where you amazing people and your help could come in.
I need you all to talk about me ( like not gossiping ;) ) I mean, tell your engaged friends, share my page, share my photos, please write me a nice review if you haven’t yet. If you see someone who is looking for a photographer, please tell them about me.
I am determined to be not just a better photographer and person this year, but also better business woman who has everything ( or at least most) figured out and you all could play massive part in that.

and thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me already <3

Ps. You guys know I don’t shoot just weddings right? If you need any family photoshoots, headshots, pets pictures, baby pictures etc etc etc, please hit me up .

Lots of love,
Nat xox