Lee and Shan

Hi all you beautiful people  

Today I want to share with you the amazing wedding of Lee and Shan. It happened only couple days ago in Greenwich in Trafalgar Tavern, which from outside looks like a normal lovely pub, but actually the upstairs looks like one of the prettiest wedding venues I have ever seen!:) 
Other than the venue I was also slightly in love with the cake topper that involved the lovely couple's dog Archie .. can you guess the breed?;) 

I think that most of you are aware that the core of my work are the stunning, magical portraits, but I keep telling you all .. I LOVE THE NATURAL PHOTOS JUST AS MUCH:) 
We had only 2 and half minutes for our portrait session, because someone was late ( hint - it wasn't me;)) so literally about 97% of those photos are pure reportage, no posing, no telling people what to do, just catching the real moments!:) 
As always I would absolutely your feedback!:) 

Hope ya all have an amazing day, 
Nat xox