As you have probably guessed by now I am a photographer.
I would like to think that I am an one-of-a-kind and someone you will love to have around when you're happy, when you're excited, when you're nervous, even when you're sad.. and everything in between. When I am not shooting or editing photos or cinemagraphs, chances are, that I am spending time with my super dog Oswald ( he would be that rascal trying to eat my birthday cake ), pretending to be in the gym while actually eating vegan donuts, dying my hair mermaid or candy floss colours, surfing/paddle boarding or globe trotting for weddings and holidays alike.
The short version of my style is 80% telling how your day happened and 20% magic - I know that doesn't actually tell you much, so the long version is - most of your photos will be natural, reportage, candid, you won't even know I am there, capturing the real moments, with real natural light and no posing, being the little (tall) photo ninja that I am.. but and this is a big BUT I love to add couple of those magical portraits to your collections, with sparklers, dramatic skies, colours everywhere etc. Although I love to give you couple very different photos - it doesn't mean I will be bothering you for hours, posing you till you die of boredom, changing my lighting 200 times.. most of the magic happens in photoshop, so it will always be a little bit of surprise what you going to get! 

I might be based in London, but I LOOOOOVE travelling and meeting new people, so get in touch wherever your wedding is!
I worked and continuously work hard to achieve my dream of being a destination wedding/elopement photographer, so no matter if you are planning a wedding in a castle, or a field, in a registry office or on the beach, in the forest, in the middle of Vegas strip or anywhere else, I REALLY WANT TO TALK TO YOU! I have a super soft spot for Cali and New York, so always happy to chat no matter what your budget is, but I would love to see new places and develop soft spot for them too. 

In fact I have written a 'little' list of all the venues and wedding themes/ideas that I really want to work at, if your wedding falls in one of those categories - You never know you might even get some little discount, because, you know it would be living the dream!:)